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Sales & Leasing
Helping growing and transitioning businesses realize their operational goals through leasing vs. ownership analysis and diligent market knowledge.
Utilizing my Gonzaga MBA and CCIM designation to support clients goals (operational / investment / both) and knowing their hurdle rate and helping them achieve results and #mailboxmoney
Strategy & Consulting
Not all bandwidth goes to transactional goals; sometimes the best choice is "No." Advising or consulting with clients is a great passion of mine and hope to inspire commercial knowledge for this great platform. Operational expansion? Facilitator need? Helping share the knowledge since '83.
Large drive from my move from Chi to Tri (Cities) was to hustle and grind out the market; then methodically get in front of the market curve and inspire and facilitate developments that will create community development and financial returns that are sustainable for us. #TCGrowth
Property Management
Bringing portfolio theory to the TC market through a strategic property management scope. Utilizing new developments that share themes, cost efficiencies, and co-tenant synergies that bring value and retention. The goal is keeping the financial returns on target, for owners and responsive action and trust for our tenants.
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