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Industrial Light (IL) companies continue to face the Tri-Cities commercial market’s most prominent problem; a lack of 2nd generation buildings that could house newer-growing companies facility needs. The other part of the problem for these companies is finding the appropriately zoned property for the business needs after knowing the limited existing facility Market. The third zinger is if that Company wants to stay loyal to their current City for intangible / tangible reasons. Finding that next spot for your growing Client is a challenge to start with but hey, you need to be an... Read More

It’s a New Year and I’m making a push for my #ListingGoals because as a wise CRE-grasshopper trained me: You have to List; to Last! It’s always great when some tangible goal and a passion area of your hometown intersect. Downtown Kennewick is full circle for me as I grew up down there, went to St. Joes and my parents ran the Pik-A-Pop gas station. Since moving back from Chicago, I’ve dedicated some of my bandwidth and goals to advancing the urbanism of DTK and help succession plan these older businesses and buildings into the next generations of companies, investors... Read More

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